The Gemmayzeh district is limited west by the city center border (Georges Haddad avenue), south by the Tabaris – Sofil avenue, east by the Sofil-Electricity of Lebanon axe, and north by the sea and the Port area. The district’s history goes back to the Greek days; whenever one digs its soil, Greek and post-Greek vestiges are due to appear.

Its proximity to the center of Beirut exposed the old district of Gemmayzeh to the threats of ruthless urban development. To preserve the authenticity of their beloved neighborhood, a number of area residents and business leaders created the Gemmayzeh Development Committee (CDG). The group aimed at projecting Gemmayzeh into the 21st century, while maintaining its human touch and developing its artistic and cultural vocation.

Some significant dates in the history of the association:

  • CDG was founded in 1986 by Ferdinand Dagher, Joseph Raidy, Huguette Sfeir, Jacqueline Khattar, Samia Nassar, Ziad Akl, Vera Borgi, Antoine Nassar, and Joseph Fares, all notable figures of Beirut
  • Registered at the Interior Ministry on November 11, 1987 (№ 58/AD), CDG was changed into ADG (Association de Développement de Gemmayzé) in 2001.